CRA audits are stressful therefore we act as intermediary between you and CRA auditor and if needed we make our office available for the auditor. We provide you a shield by answering auditor’s technical questions briefly and avoid providing them extra information
Smaller companies do not have Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who can meet bankers therefore we fill this gap for our clients. Further, we can prepare business plans required by the banks for small business loans and also we also prepare offer audit reports and financial review reports needed by lenders.
Accountants are governed by professional bodies that mandate that the transfer of a client from one firm to another should be seamless and effortless for the client. In larger assignments, we may require the former accountant to provide us with some information, but in most assignments, we are able to facilitate a transfer of work using just your staff and not requiring the assistance of a former firm. We also confirm with the other accountant that there are no professional reasons for us to not accept your engagement.
We have professional staff who can install and deal with Quickbooks and Simply Accounting (Sage) issues. We can also hire accounting staff for you and can give onsite training to your staff.
Confidentiality is of great importance to our firm. Your financial information is never discussed with other clients. We will communicate with your other advisors only where we have been granted permission from you directly. We regularly update and improve our computer firewalls and security to ensure the integrity of the information on our servers. Our computers, telephones and mobile computing devices are all password protected.